How To Start A New Home Construction Project

If you are thinking about starting a new home construction project, this is a very comprehensive process. There is so much involved in the creation and placement of a new home that many people are taken aback by all of the steps. There is actually a 10 step process that most people can follow, even if they do not have prior experience as a contractor. This will prepare you for the difficult task of creating your own home.

Get The Construction Site Prepared With The Foundation

The first thing that you will need to do is prepare the ground for the foundation you are going to pour. This means that that area should be graded. This will make it flat, and then you can begin to mark out the boundaries of where the concrete is going to be poured. Of course, this is different if you are going to put in a basement prior to the foundation of the house itself.

Rough Framing Of The Home

Also called framing, this is the process of creating the skeletal structure of the home with various types of lumber and materials. It serves as the format by which all of the rooms will be built, where the doors go, and where all of the windows will be installed. It is also going to be the structure beneath the roof once it is installed.

Install The HVAC Electrical And Plumbing Systems

The next step is to install these three primary utility systems. Every house is going to need an electrical system, plumbing system, and in most cases a full HVAC system as well. Typically, the plumbing system will be installed first. Many trenches must be created. The same is true for the electrical systems that will connect to the power poles or underground power cables that will supply the electricity. Finally, you can install all of the conduits for the HVAC system. This will be connected directly to both the plumbing and the electrical systems in order to function.

Start Adding Your Fixtures Finishes And Drywall

The drywall part refers to the sheetrock that is used to construct the first layer of the walls. This will also be used on the ceiling. The interior fixtures need to be installed so that you will be able to plug in your electrical appliances. Finally, the exterior finishes must also be done. This may include lumber or some type of composite material for siding.

Do The Interior Trim Walkways And Driveway

You will then want to install the interior trim for the home. This is in preparation for putting down the carpet and floors. The exterior walkways should be poured out with some type of cement mixer with a pump that can direct the material. The driveway must also be completed. This also helps if you are bringing in new materials or tools to complete the building process once it is dry.

Hard Surface Flooring Mechanical Trims And Bathroom Fixtures

Next on the list will be the flooring that you will install which can include floor tiles, carpet, or even hardwood floors. Mechanical trims, as well as all of your bathroom fixtures, should be done at this stage of the project. You may also want to start installing the shower doors, mirrors and finish any parts of the flooring that are not yet complete.

Landscaping In The Final Walk-Through

The final stages of this process include completing the landscaping outside of the house. You will likely have a front yard or backyard. You may need to purchase small trees, bushes, and flowers that will decorate the exterior of your property. The final walk-through will look at everything that has been done to verify that nothing else needs to be completed.

Although this can be a lengthy process, if you have always wanted to own your own home, this is certainly a good overview of how the process is done. It may take you several months to get through all of these steps, and it will certainly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can often find contractors that will know exactly what to do and do this for a fair price. Whenever you start a new home construction project, it's a good idea to at least consult with contractors in the area.